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HELP WITH EMPLOYMENT DISPUTESemployment tribunal representation

If you feel you are being unfairly treated by your employer we can give you advice on your employment rights.

Examples of issues we can help with are mis management of sickness absence, bullying and harassment, discrimination, unlawful deductions, non-payment of wages, breach of Working Time Regulation, denial of statutory holidays, contractual breaches, lack of employment contract, discrimination in sickness absence, maternity discrimination, Talking to your employer and trying to resolve the issue should be your first step. If you need assistance we can provide conflict resolution - mediation services and negotiation.

We can help with advice and or support with a written complaint (grievance) which you can submit to your employer. With your employer's permission we can act as a companion at a sickness absence meeting, grievance or disciplinary hearing, poor performance issue, redundancy consultation, dismissal or appeal. .


If you have been offered a settlement agreement you are entitled, by law, to have this checked by an independent advisor in accordance with the Employment Rights Act 1996. The cost for the checking of a settlement agreement is usually funded by the employer. We would ensure the terms and conditions within the settlement agreement and compensation offered are fair always acting in your best interests.


If we can not help you to resolve your employment dispute with your employer and you wish to submit an employment tribunal claim we can help with the process as follows:

Preparation of claim form

Liaison with ACAS pre-claim concilation and settlement

Liaison with the employment tribunal office, respondent and/or legal representatives

Advice on or preparation of employment tribunal paperwork, provision of disclosures, employment tribunal, schedule of loss and witness statements.

Case management discussion advice and support

Pre hearing review advice and support

Judicial mediation advice and support

Employment tribunal advice and guidance

Employment appeal tribunal advice and support

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